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Unlisted combines strategic capital advice with equity and stock option programs (ESOP). With our portal, you can manage deals, shareholders and security holders.

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Avoid spending unnecessary time designing share and option schemes.

Benefits of our services

Ensure an optimal solution through our expertise

Effective implementation of share and option programs

Reduce the need for ongoing legal costs

An optimal and sustainable ownership structure

A program that is optimized from a tax and cost perspective

A program that provides the desired and motivating effect

"Using an independent advisor was very helpful in getting many stakeholders to agree on what was an acceptable solution for all parties. It was great to use someone who has a firm grasp of the various options and the various advantages and disadvantages they entail."

Simon Sakkestad, CEO

Optimal share-based remuneration scheme in 1-2-3

Equity compensation plans are a key part of the success recipe of Silicon Valley - the global powerhouse of technology and innovation - which has refined methods and best practices for equity compensation plans over decades.

Unlisted has adapted these lessons to Norwegian conditions and rules. We then designed a tailored three-step process to help our clients.


We map the company's goals, considerations and prerequisites for various share-based remuneration schemes. This mapping is an important prerequisite for arriving at an optimal ownership structure.

Analyze and explore

We examine different share and option programs, including the advantages and disadvantages for both the company and the employees. In addition, we present a wide range of ownership structures and explain various tax, cost and risk factors.

Design the final program

We finalize a tailor-made share-based remuneration scheme adapted to your company's needs.

You can now grant shares/options to your employees and board members - as a motivation and reward for their contribution to the company's success.

Throughout the process, we take an independent advisory role to ensure credibility and avoid conflicts of interest.

Pricing model

We tailor an offer to your company and its needs

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Automate processes with our software

We build a tool tailored to your business and its needs

Unlisted specializes in issuing and administering option agreements, convertible loans and other rights against the shares in the company.

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Control of ownership

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Our customers save precious time and money by using our services. At the same time, they gain an optimal structure and full control over the ownership of their company.

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