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We believe all entrepreneurs deserve to focus on what they do best.

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Start-ups with ambitions to grow, growth companies using venture capital or SMEs dealing with a complex ownership structure.

All companies with a co-ownership strategy benefit from being a client of Unlisted

"Unlisted was a fantastic sparring partner in connection with the development and optimization of NablaFlow's Pitch deck for Nordic Fund Day 2022. Concrete feedback and close dialogue with Fredrik resulted in a final product NablaFlow was extremely pleased with!

Professional people with a lot of knowledge that is of great help to us as a company in the early phase."

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Lars Forberg, COO
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Customer groups


Finding a suitable share-based payment scheme can be daunting and overwhelming. This can be due to many reasons:


Uncertainty and high risk of error in the choice of schemes, conditions and layout of documents.


High costs, including for legal assistance, if agreements are not set up correctly from the start.


Frustration due to many different tax rules related to the different types of programs.


Unnecessary time spent reading up and learning about the different schemes.

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