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Structure and maintain your shareholder register - hassle-free. Get an up-to-date and transparent overview of your company's ownership structure with our digital shareholder book.

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With integration to Brønnøysundregistrene, you can quickly set up your shareholder register


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A safe place for all your ownership data.


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As soon as the shareholder book is in place, you're done! It is updated along the way in line with the development of the company.

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Streamline your work with the shareholder register effortlessly with our automated solution. With an automatically updated shareholder register, you free up time for further growth!

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Motivate and attract new employees and investors

The shareholder register is important because it tells you who owns how much of a company. In some cases, there is a lack of full insight into the shareholder register, most often in private companies. This can create mistrust and uncertainty, especially among employees and early investors who may feel left out of important decisions and processes.

Motivate contributors

Digitize the shareholder book

Get an accurate shareholder book with real-time updates at Unlisted. With us, you avoid human error and you can easily give access to all your stakeholders. Say goodbye to outdated Excel sheets.

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Shareholder register
Share distribution
Transaction history
Data room
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Issuance of share and option programs
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