Ownership structure for growth companies

Prepared in consultation with lawyers

Our digital share portal gives companies full control over the ownership structure, and brings out the full potential by offering efficient processes for share management and incentive programs.

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Prepared in consultation with lawyers

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Good ownership structure facilitates growth

Making mistakes with the ownership structure is like a bad habit, it's great there and then, and it takes a while before you realize that you've done something stupid that can have serious consequences for the future.

We help you get full control over the ownership of your company with our digital solution.

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What we offer

Shareholder book with calculation of future ownership

Gain full control over the ownership of your company with a digital solution. With us, you can issue and manage share and option agreements, convertible loans and other rights on behalf of your company.

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Co-ownership attracts and engages the best people.

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Ownership management
from A to Z

This is how we offer professional management of
ownership for unlisted companies:


Advice to set up a ready-made share and option scheme in a short time, tailored to your company.


Introduce a cost-effective co-ownership model that ensures that employees and the company have common goals.


Ensure that the company has an attractive and well-structured shareholder book from the perspective of investors.


Save time with a digital shareholder book for managing and tracking shareholders, share incentive programs and securities.


Attract, motivate and retain employees through insights into the value of their ownership.

Legal watertightness

Quality assured by reputable lawyers

Our legal frameworks are developed in collaboration with law firms. We offer templates for share purchase, shareholder and option agreements, among other things.

Prepared in collaboration with lawyers
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We've gathered 18 critical questions you should ask yourself before introducing a share or option program in your company

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Free shareholder book

In the share portal, you keep track of shareholders and shareholdings, you can easily share with owners and log transactions. All this, completely free of charge.

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What growth companies say about us


Much easier for accountants

Using Unlisted's shareholder register made it much easier for our accountant to keep the shareholder register statement. Companies that use Unlisted's shareholder register will probably get a lot of savings on the use of an accountant associated with the shareholder register statement and overview of ownership transactions.

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Martin Andersen

Good solution for all shareholders

After using Unlisted's services and independent advisors, we now have a good solution for all shareholders. Unlisted has a clear business model and service overview that provides security for the steps you have to go through, as well as the cost picture associated with this.

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Henrik Jelsa

Easy to put in place

Assistance from Unlisted has made it significantly easier to set up an option program, without the need for legal advice or uncertainty related to important legal documents that affect the ownership of the company.

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Kjartan Fosse
Co-Founder and CCO

Solid structure

Ownership structures are both difficult and scary!We were warned about various risks, so we wanted to do the right things from the beginning. But this domain is so complex and there are so many factors to consider. Luckily, we met Unlisted who guided us through this process - now we have a solid structure we can scale with and an efficient software to manage this

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Hege Fiskå

Steel control over the possibilities

Using an independent advisor was very useful when many stakeholders had to agree on something that was an acceptable solution for all parties. It was great to use someone who has a firm grasp of the different possibilities, as well as the various advantages and disadvantages they entail.

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Simon Sakkestad

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