Ownership management for entrepreneurs
and unlisted companies

Prepared in consultation with lawyers

Our digital equity portal gives companies full control over their equity, maximizing value by providing a secure framework and efficient processes for equity management.

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Prepared in consultation with lawyers
What we offer

Shareholder register with calculation of fully diluted ownership

Get full control over the ownership of your business with a digital twin. Manage and issue share and option contracts, convertible loans and other rights on behalf of your company.

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Example of a stock option plan view in our app

In the battle for talent, co-ownership is an important tool.

What we offer

We help you to succeed in ownership

Share and option program set up in no time - now at an introductory price!


Advice to set up a ready-made share and option scheme in a short time, tailored to your company.


Introduce a good co-ownership model, optimized in terms of desired impact, tax, cost and risk from both the employees' and the company's point of view.


Ensure that the company has an attractive and well-structured shareholder book from the perspective of investors.


Save time with a digital shareholder book for managing and tracking shareholders, share incentive programs and securities.


Attract, motivate and retain employees through insights into the value of their ownership.

Legal watertightness

Quality assured by reputable lawyers

Our legal frameworks are prepared in collaboration with Schjødt law firm. We offer templates for share purchase, shareholder and option agreements, among others.

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Download: 18 critical questions to ask before introducing a share or option program in your business
How to succeed

Download our guide to share incentive schemes


Get help from stock experts

Our team of experts apply best practices for shared ownership among employees, co-founders and investors. We help design and implement employee ownership programs for your employees.

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Example of Ex-owner book

"Ownership structures are both difficult and scary!
We were warned about various risks, so we wanted to do the right things from the beginning. But this domain is so complex and there are so many factors to consider.

Luckily we met Unlisted who guided us through this process - now we have a solid structure we can scale with and an efficient software to manage this."

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Hege Fiskå, Co-Founder

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