The Ownership Portal

Get a complete overview of the shareholder register, issue and manage option agreements, convertible loans and other rights in relation to the company's shares. Model how different agreements affect ownership over time.

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Full control of company ownership

Disadvantages of the traditional shareholder register
Benefits of our portal
  • Manual update
  • Only available to those with the document
  • No insight and motivation effect for employees
  • Manual, expensive and time-consuming processes
  • Lack of understanding of share dilution from different share rights agreements
  • Always up to date
  • Different access management and insights for all
  • Motivational dashboard for employees
  • Process support for the exercise of options etc.
  • Get a full overview of how options and convertible instruments affect ownership

"Ownership structures are both difficult and scary!
We were warned about various risks, so we wanted to do the right things from the beginning. But this domain is so complex and there are so many factors to consider.

Luckily we met Unlisted who guided us through this process - now we have a solid structure we can scale with and an efficient software to manage this."

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Hege Fiskå, Co-Founder
Our solution

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Example of a shareholder book

Shareholder register

Do you need a digital shareholder register that meets all legal requirements and provides a full overview of shareholders and ownership? Our product is tailored to meet these requirements, while providing a clear representation of share classes, options and other convertible instruments.

Give your business and investors the transparency and security they deserve with our professional ownership portal!

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Fully diluted ownership

Do you want to have full control over how options and convertible agreements affect ownership distribution in the future? Our portal displays all share rights - not just the issued shares - giving you the most accurate overview of your capital structure.

With our solution, you can easily find the optimal balance that benefits entrepreneurs, employees, existing owners and investors.

We help you simulate how ownership evolves, so you can make wise choices to maximize your value.

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Example of fully diluted ownership
Example of distribution of share and option programs between employees

Share and option program

Make share and option programs easier than ever! With standardized legal templates, you can safely, quickly and affordably give your employees the opportunity to own shares in the company.

By managing employee ownership through our solution, you get full insight with an automatically updated share book. At the same time, you get maximum motivation effect from your employees using their own motivation dashboards.

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Document center

Do you want increased control over all transactions and necessary documents? Forgotten paperwork is a thing of the past - with our solution, you get automatically signed shareholder agreements for plan beneficiaries. All relevant documentation is created and organized in a secure data room.

In addition, reporting and interaction with your accountant is simplified, so you can focus on what really matters - the success of your business.

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Example of a document page on our app
Pricing model

We tailor an offer to your company and its needs

The Ownership Portal

Professional management of corporate ownership
Automatically updated share register according to legal requirements
Management of mandates
Administer share and option contracts
Management of convertible instruments
Simulation of fully diluted ownership
Dedicated employee portal with motivation dashboard
Automated document center
Unlisted e-signature
Get help from an independent partner

We tailor an offer to your company and its needs

Unlisted specializes in capital structures, capital raising and the introduction of share and option programs.

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Control of ownership

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Our customers save precious time and money by using our services. At the same time, they gain an optimal structure and full control over the ownership of their company.

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