Effective administration of shareholders: Meet the requirements of the Companies Act

With Unlisted's shareholder book, you can easily invite your company's shareholders and meet the requirements of the Companies Act.

All limited companies are required to keep a shareholders' register. This is essential for keeping track of share ownership in the company.

Chapter 4 of the Companies Act stipulates rules for the payment of share capital, allocation and administration of shares. These rules ensure that the company's share capital is real and give shareholders a clear overview of ownership.

It is crucial for the company to comply with these requirements to ensure fair treatment of all shareholders and proper exercise of their rights.

What should the shareholder register contain?

  • Name and address of each shareholder
  • Number of shares owned by each shareholder
  • Organization number or date of birth of the shareholder
  • Digital address (not publicly available)
  • Numbering of the shares
  • Possible share classes
  • Registration of any pledged shares (e.g. by "Kruse Smith agreements")
  • Other relevant restrictions on the shares may be relevant to mark (e.g. by RSA)

When should the ownership be entered in the shareholder register and when should the owner be notified of this?

When a new owner reports and confirms the purchase of a share, the company must immediately register the new owner in the shareholder register and state the date of registration. Remember that any pre-emptive and preferential rights must be handled correctly.

In the event of a capital increase, the board of directors shall ensure that the new shares are entered in the shareholders' register from the time the shares confer rights in the company, normally when the capital increase is registered in the Register of Business Enterprises.

When a shareholder is registered in the shareholder register, the company must inform the shareholder of this. The notification must be dated and contain information about the shareholder and the shareholding. In the event of changes, the shareholder must also be informed.

By using Unlisted's shareholder book, you can invite shareholders to gain insight into all their transactions, provided that all historical transactions are registered. Get started today!

Remember that information about previous shareholders must be kept for at least ten years.

Good luck with your shareholder book!

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